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The Wiki History Preservation Act 2016 is a new policy introduced with the 2016 reconstruction of the CrazyBob's Cops and Robbers Wiki.


The Wiki History Preservation Act is an attempt to preserve older Groups, Gangs and Player Page article's content from major change and vandalism. Groups, Gangs and Player Page Articles which have not been edited in quite some time (decided at Bureaucrat's discretion) will qualify to enter a permanent Archive state in the Historical Archives Category, where they will remain unchanged so that future users will be able to get a glimpse of past player's history.

Articles that qualify will be restored to the latest, non-vandalized state and then enveloped in a layer of protection that only allows Wiki Administrators to perform edits. The banner below will be displayed at the very top of the page.

Archive Historical Article
This Article is listed as a Historical Article and has been permanently Archived in accordance with
the Wiki History Preservation Act 2016. If you believe this is a mistake, Contact BiggestShip65.

Groups and Gangs Pages

Another element of the Wiki History Preservation Act 2016 is the very rare allowed creation of certain Groups and Gangs Pages in an attempt to historically document highly renown in-game groups. For more information, read Groups and Gangs Pages.

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