Truck Delivery is a Mission Civilians can complete in CrazyBobs.


Truck Delivery drivers deliver goods to and from different places throughout San Andreas. Completing these deliveries is a good way to become familiar with important landmarks around San Andreas.

Truck Delivery Mission can be started by pressing the Sub-Mission Key or by typing /delivery at any time while driving a Delivery Truck.

A 15% cash bonus will be awarded upon completion of a delivery if the Pickup point is reached with a trailer attached and the trailer remains attached until the Delivery point is reached.

Once a Truck Delivery mission is started, players will have 12 in-game hours to complete it.

The amount of money earned is dependent on the goods being delivered and the time taken to deliver it and the distance from the pickup checkpoint. Another Truck Delivery mission can be started after 15 in-game minutes.

Truck drivers in CnR like to complete trucking missions. This involves picking up cargo and delivering it to various areas in San Andreas. Even though the truck driver isn't a skill, many choose to do trucking missions as they pay good, and are therefore truck drivers.


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Become a trucker and deliver goods to and from different places throughout San Andreas! Truck deliveries are a good way of knowing different areas of San Andreas, and earn you a good pay. These missions are limited to civilians only.

You can start a truck delivery by pressing the Sub-Mission Key or by typing /delivery while driving a delivery truck. You will be given a list of locations from which you can pick up goods. There are many different items to deliver, some of them illegal, which will give you a different bonus. You have 12 game hours to complete a truck delivery, and you receive an extra bonus based on distance and time when you complete a delivery. You will also receive a bonus if you have completed a delivery with a trailer attached.

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There are various types of delivery trucks in CnR: Benson, Boxville, Cement Truck, DFT-30, Dumper, Dune, Flatbed, Linerunner, Mule, Packer, Pony, Roadtrain, Tanker and Yankee.

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Press the Sub-Mission Key or type /mission at any time during a truck delivery to get information about your current delivery or pickup.

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Type /truckmsg, /tm or /cb to send a message to all other truckers about your current delivery or pickup.

Type /cancel at any time during a truck delivery to cancel the current mission. If you lose your truck during a delivery it will automatically cancel.

Truck Delivery Mission - Video

CBCNR Video - Truck Delivery Mission

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