This guide was made by CnR donating player, ToRro

Well, it's about time I posted a guide to something other than grammar, so let's do this right by making a guide to everything CnR. I did this off the top of my head, so expect corrections in the future if I find anything (you can PM if you want me to change things). I know that most of this has been covered at least one place or another in the forums, but I've decided to combine it, plus throwing in some of my own hints. ;D Let's get started, shall we? I've put a lot of work into this post, so if you don't have something nice to say, please keep it to yourself. :-X


Frequently Asked Questions

Listed are questions asked by many. These range from simple to helpful. If you would like to submit a question to me, just ask! They are in no particular order, but I did try to order them by frequency/simplicity. There is already an F.A.Q located here, so I would recommend reading that as well. Some are outdated, so I'll try to update those.

Q: What is a regular player?

A: A regular player is someone who has been playing on CrazyBob's Cops N' Robbers for a lengthy amount of time and has a good score. They are usually good players and follow the rules, however some aren't so nice to help newbies.

Q: Alright, I got that, so how do I become one?

A: Well, the website FAQ on this question is outdated. With the new "Auto-Regular" system, you become a regular player through a mixture of play time and score. I recommend that you read the Starting Out section below to help you get your score up, as well as to become a better player.

Q: Argh! I got taxed for a lot of money! This sucks, why did they put this in?

A: Well, to help make the economy balanced. You pay taxes based on a certain percentage of your income per day, these are called income taxes. You also pay wealth taxes if you have over Seven Million Dollars (from Beta 12.8, this amount can change in future) on you and in the bank. See the "The CnR Economy" section and look under "Taxes" for more info on how to avoid them or not pay them at all. You will also learn how to get tax refunds.

Q: I'm poor! How do I make money?

A: Read the correct section below for more info! :)

Q: I keep dying by STDs! Is there any way to avoid that?

A: Yes: Buy condoms from a medic, the hospital, or a 24/7. You can also use drugs to keep alive until you can cure them. See the "Multi-Skill Activities" section for more on drugs. See the "Items, Pickups, & STDs" section for more info on condoms and STDs.

Q: What is MMB?

A: Middle Mouse Button (the "Scroll Wheel," - well, press it in like a mouse button). If you don't have a scroll wheel on your (probably old) mouse, you should remap the actions that use it in the controls menu to another key and use that in place of where it says "MMB"

Q: What is the best car?

A: That is an opinion. For me, the Infernus is a good, fast car. The Bullet is also a good car for speed. I could write a whole section on cars - but I won't.

Q: Where can I see a list of cars?

A: A whole list of cars so that you can see what they look like. This is helpful for things such as Car Sell missions when you don't know which car you are looking for, as it contains pictures of them.

Q: How are people so rich?!

A: Well, they probably worked for it. Donating players are probably the richest (read section "The CnR Economy" section to see why). Also, read the "Making Money" section to see how you too can become rich. There have also been problems with money hackers, but they get banned most of the time.

Q: How can I die? How do I change skin and/or skill?

A: To die is simple. Get a car and ram it into the wall until it blows up, and don't jump out. You can also drive into the police station and wait for it to kill you (only works if you aren't a Law Enforcement class). I suppose you can also find a DMer :P. To change skins and/or skill, go to any Hospital or City Hall. For skin changing, type /buy in the checkpoint (or walk into it) and select skin change. The prices will vary, and you may only change your skin once every game day. For skill changing, head inside, go up to the bot. Hit either MMB or /buy and select skill change. If it is your first time changing skill, it will be free, otherwise each skill change costs around ~33,000 on average.

If you do not care about stats, use /newlife and when you die, you will be able to change your skin and skill but you will lose all your stats, so beware. For more information about killing yourself, visit the How to die article.

Q: I keep getting robbed! How do I protect my money?

A: Find a The Bank That Shouldn't Be and deposit your money. If a bank is robbed, a small percent (Ranges from 0-500,000) will be taken out of your account. This is usually really small if a lot of players are playing, but it can get annoying. You can also get yourself a pet and train them, sometimes they can protect you against most commands like /rob, /rape, /piss etc. They can be purchased at any 24/7.

Q: How do I become an admin?

A: Simple: Don't ask to become one. A quote from the website: First of all, DON'T ASK!! Admins are selected by CrazyBob from players who have been here a very long time, and who are well known by the players. If we want you to be an admin, WE WILL ASK YOU.

Q: Oh, alright, well where are the admins when I need them! I have discovered a bug/a player is breaking the rules!

A: Contrary to popular [newbie] belief, admins have lives. They can't be on all the time, so your best bet is to /complain about a person and hope an admin sees it. You can also report it in the forums. Be sure to have at least 2 or 3 good screenshots, or a good video of the bug/player and post in the correct section. Also be aware that the Admin may be warranted and leading a 4-car police chase, and can't simply leave the chase to deal with every /complain when their hands are full. You can get a list of the admins in the section below, as well as more info on how to deal with things yourself.

Beta 12 questions

Q: What are houses? A: Here's a link: It covers pretty much everything on how to get houses, but I'll go into more detail.

Q: What is car save? A: If the house has car save, it will save your car when you leave the server. This does NOT mean you can just /quit anywhere. You have to park your car NEAR the "driveway" and then go INTO your house, and then /quit for it to save.

Q: Cool! So will it save my modifications, NOS, or condition? A: No, it won't. The reason being it doesn't save YOUR car, but it just saves the ID number (or something like that). So when you log on, it spawns the car with that ID number for you, not the car you had before.

Q: Why are houses so expensive! A: This one's easy. Do you really think you could buy a full mansion for like $500,000? In real life, maybe. However, on this server, the scale of Real money->Fake money is much larger than on role-playing servers.

Well, that's it for now. As I've said, if you want me to add more, please send me some questions. You can also send answers, and I will give you credit. If you want more from CrazyBob himself, click on the link I gave at the beginning of the section.


For more info, see: or check Skill Guide

A list of skills: (To get commands, see the Commands section).

Law Enforcement Skills

Note: Color becomes a lighter shade of blue with rank, which is increased by doing cop work. See Police guide. Also, all Law Enforcement skills can arrest suspects. This includes Arms Dealers and Public Medics.

Police Officer (Cop) - A cop. Can ticket and arrest criminals. Also able to see a list of wanted criminals, as well as report innocents. Good starting skill.

Police Arms Dealer - Can sell weapons to police. Basically the same as the Civilian weapons dealer skill, but can ONLY sell to police and sells different weapons.

Public Medic - Can force cure people with STDs, as well cure and heal themselves. They can also sell cures/heals to people and condoms. Note: Public medics can cure people without their permission. This , in fact, makes up most of what they do all day. If a public medic cures you, realize that he is just playing, and is not breaking any rules. You can still place a hit on him though, especially if you paid money for your STD's.

Temporary Cop (Temp cop) - A civilian who became a cop for a short period of time (above 10 score and no serious crimes for a while, step into the marker in the PD). Is pretty much the same as a regular cop, but can't /refill in the PD or be given bribes.

Civilian Skills

White for civilian, yellow for suspect, Orange or wanted level 6-8 and Dark Orange for wanted levels 9-10)

Kidnapper - Can kidnap people in their car for up to $50,000 per victim. Only skill with the /kidnap command. Can go undercover as a driver and can receive pickup calls, making it harder to notice they are a kidnapper!

Con Artist - Can rob lots of money from people (Up to $500,000). Isn't as successful as Pickpockets. Con Artists have a small chance to avoid paying taxes, and it can stack multiple times.

Pickpocket - Can rob up to $100,000 from people. Is more successful at robbing than the Con Artist.

Private Medic - Same as a public medic, but can't force cure and can sell certain STDs and a small amount of drugs. They can also attempt to infect people.

Arms Dealer - Same as the police version, but doesn't sell the same weapons and can sell only to other civilians.

Prostitute - Can sell sex to other civilians only for a price. Can also pass on STDs and drugs on randomly.

Car Jacker - Can sell cars at the crane more often than other skills. Can also steal most locked vehicles. (Admin cars not included ;D).

Street Vendor (Items Dealer) - Can sell most 24/7 items to anyone (including police). This is a pretty underpopulated class, so it's a good start as some people need items and can get you liked by many.

Rapist - Has a good chance to rape people. Also has a better chance to pass an STD they don't have. It becomes null, however, as any other class with a few STDs has a near 100% chance to rape successfully.

Drug Dealer - Can sell drugs to other players. They can also hold more drugs (up to 5000 grams instead of 500) and purchase them cheaper (making this the best class for a rapist with STDs).

Hitman - Kills players with hits for a certain amount of money. The hits are placed by other players. A good class to get rich, if you are a good shooter or driver.

Driver - Can pick up players. Their color turns green when they are on duty. Note that kidnappers can also pretend to be driver! So be careful when you call a driver!

Food Delivery - Can sell all players food. They are a special class and can not change skills/can not be changed into without dying.

As you can see, there are lots of skills to play as! They are pretty much balanced, but some are obviously better than others for certain things (score, money, popularity, etc). Read the "Starting Out" section for info on the best skills to play as when you start out. Read the Skill Guide for more in-depth info on each class.

Multi-Skill activities

This section will cover activities that most skills can do. See the "Commands" section for their commands. This is just a list.

Fishing. As of this version, only and all civilian skills can fish.

Crane selling. All civilian skills can sell cars at the crane. Car Jackers can sell more frequently with less of a wait in between.

Car sell missions. All civilian skills can do these. They require you to find certain cars and bring them back to the checkpoint. Simple? Sometimes. This will get you automatic WL10 if you get into the final car on your list.

Drug missions. All civilian skills can do these. It requires you to deliver drugs to certain points across the city in a set amount of time. You get less money, but you also don't get a warrant unless a cop is around 3 times (you get wanted level 2 every time you deliver one, only if a cop is around). You can easily pay a ticket and then go on.

Patrol missions. Police officers can do these. You must respond to calls around the city.

Trash missions. Requires you to go around the city and get trash at checkpoints, but ONLY in a Trashmaster truck.

Food sell missions. Requires you to go around the city in a Hotdog van or a Mr. Whoopee and deliver food to checkpoints.

Courier missions. Civilians only, they require you to pick up an object outside of town, then bring it back inside. You will get wanted level 6 for picking up the object, and you can not accept them if you have a warrant.

Trucking missions. Only civilians can do these.They require you to pick up cargo in one location and bring it to another. Some cargo is illegal and will get you a wanted level (but not a warrant).

If I missed some things or you want me to add something, please PM me!

Starting Out

This section will cover basic tips on how to start out. I will be adding to it later.

Starting out in CnR can be hard. First off, you need to have money. I would recommend starting out as a police officer class, and reading the commands for it in the section below, as well as the tutorial ingame. Starting out as a police officer has lots of benefits, such as:

Knowledge on how the cities (server) works.

Knowledge where the robbing places are.

Knowledge on how do deal with different types of players.

Better driving skills (maybe :P).


Some money, and how you can balance your money to help with spending.

Better shooting skills.

Knowledge on lag issues. (Read below)

After you play as a cop for awhile (you should get at least 50 points) you should play as a civilian so you can get around. The best skill to start getting points is a Rapist, or Drug Dealer. As a Rapist or Drug Dealer you can rape people, which gets you one point per rape. I would recommend Drug Dealer with STDs as they can carry more drugs. Note that you don't make a lot of money, but you do get score to lead up to being a regular player. If you don't like raping all day, you can try Con Artist or PickPocket to get score (and money).

As soon as you hit 100 score, you can try anything. You may have already gotten attached to a class (Cop, Rapist, Pickpocket, etc.) but I recommend that you try every class, so that you can see how they work. Car Jacker is a fun choice, and you can get money as well if you get bonus cars. I would recommend watching Llama's Civilian Guide Video to get a good idea of things you can do from this point.

Llama's Civ guides: Video 1 Video 2

After you've played for a while, and have a decent score, you may be promoted to Regular Player. As a regular player, you have access to the RPC (or the Regular Player's Club). In here you will find two helpful pickups, as well as a checkpoint to buy food and gambling tools (such as Horse Bets). It's also a good place to go and hang out (or go AFK for a short time), as crimes aren't allowed.

I will be adding to this and making it more in depth later, but this is just the basics.

Lag Issue

Vehicle lag issues

So let's say, you will try to ram his/her car off the road, but when you hit him, you will lose your control. But he/she is still moving without spinning or flipping upside down. WTF!

That's because all players but you see you and your vehicle not in the position you see it, but lagging a certain distance behind him/her that increases with speed. So, if you hit someone, he/she won't even feel it, you'll end up taking 100% of the damage.

Solution to this problem: Before ramming/P.I.T-ing him/her, always go in front of his/her side and ram him! Now the part has changed. He will take 100% of the damage but you don't.

Normal lag issues

Now, you will shoot at him/her and you see blood at ground, but his armor/HP has NOT decreased, WTF HACK?!

Nope, it's the same stuff like the vehicle lag issue, his/her positions is NOT at same place you see. So, if you want to hit him/her, Always shoot abit front of him where he/she is headed.



I'm not going to write a section, as one has already been written and is detailed! Please go here to get a large list of commands.

CnR Players and You

The CnR community is full of many different types of people. From nice people who are willing to help and follow rules, to people who break rules and don't care about anyone. I'm going to give a list of different types of people you may run into, and how to deal with them. Look for possible future updates on request. I'm not going to list specific players as I don't want to upset anyone, but I will give examples on what to look for.

The Good Regular Player

Folk say they do exist and they login to the server when spirit of Crazy Bob joins the game. But in fact nobody see them on the server.

These players have been here for a while and know how the server works, really well. These players are also nice and may be willing to help people with server questions (so long as you don't spam them). You can notice these people by their score usually, and how they act.

The Good Newbie

These players are usually new and don't have a good knowledge of the server. If one of these asks for help (sometimes by spamming the chat) it is best to help them. After all, they could be an admin one day! They usually follow the rules and try not to upset people.

The DMing Newbie

These players probably come from DM servers, so that's exactly what they do. If you run into one, you should PM them and tell them not to DM. If they continue, get screenshots and report them on the forums, or /complain about them if an admin is on. Some of them will eventually get the picture and apologize.


These players have been here a really long time, and show it. They are admins. They have the power to kick or ban players for breaking the rules. They are pretty nice players usually (as long as they aren't mad ;D). If you see an admin, be nice to them, or you may find yourself full of Minigun bullets by the end of the day. See the section below to find how who the admins are.

The Bad Regular Player

They act like DMing newbies. That is why it is so hard to distinguish them. These players have a good knowledge of the server, and love to abuse it. Sometimes, they DM players for no reason, and then make excuses that it wasn't, even if it was. Some of them also like to abuse bugs. Don't confuse these with the players who stay within the rules and don't abuse, yet make you mad. Example: Kidnappers. They might make you mad if they get you, but that doesn't mean they are bad. My advise is to not take anything to seriously that is within the rules, and to have fun!

Also, for more info on how to deal with DMers, please see ATeddyBear's DM/n00b Survival Guide, and Psyra's "If You Spot A DMer/Cheater/Etc - Do's And Don't's"


These players have been here a really long time, and show it. They are admins. They have the power to kick or ban players for breaking the rules. They are pretty nice players usually (as long as they aren't mad ;D). If you see an admin, be nice to them, or you may find yourself full of Minigun bullets by the end of the day.

A list of the admins can be found here.

Note that some of these admins don't play very often, or not at all anymore.

If you see a rule breaker, and an admin is on, you should /complain about the player. Do not spam the chat or bother an admin, as you will probably find yourself on the receiving side of punishment. Other than that, they are pretty nice, and you can have a fun time when they are on. Some admins throw parties and the like, so look out for those!

When Things Don't Work Out

This section will be about when things don't work out. For example, being killed and losing everything by a DMer, or getting banned, among other things.

When a DMer kill you.

Have you ever been doing well, and then a DMer kills you without any reason (except they were bored) and you lose money (maybe he tracks you down and kills you a few times, if you have Life Insurance). It can be tough, but remember it's just a game. If you want to, you can place a hit on him, or go and kill him yourself. The important things is not to come and talk crap about the server on the forums, simply report the person.

When you have to leave.

Going with that above, if you ever decide to leave CnR (it may get boring eventually, and quite a few people have left) do not come on the forums and talk crap about how the server has gone bad. If you want to leave a goodbye post, try to keep it nice. If you, for some reason, can't think of anything nice to say, just say goodbye and that's it. The reason for that is that you have been given the privilege of playing on the server that others work really hard to make, and if you want to talk crap about it, then you should really not have been playing on it.

Getting banned.

I've only been banned once by the AC (Anti-Cheat) for a bug, so I'm not too sure of what to do if an admin bans you. If the anti-cheat bans you and you cheated... well you need to stop playing on the server, period. If it banned you for a bug, then you can fill out an unban request on the main CnR page ( If an admin bans you for some reason, you should think about what you did. If you aren't sure, then make a post on the forums (but keep it nice, don't start saying the admin was abusing or that the admin sucks, otherwise you probably won't be unbanned) and ask what you did. If you did something really bad (cheating, server crashing, serious bug abusing, etc.) you probably won't be unbanned. If you did something like DMing, CrazyBob may give you a cooldown period, where you won't be unbanned for a certain amount of time (maybe a month or a few weeks). The best thing to do is remember not to come talk crap about the admins on the forums, and to not ban evade. Just wait for your ban to be lifted. You know the Rules.

Items, pickups, & STDs


Condoms: These can protect you from STDs if you get raped. You still take damage from the rape, but your chance of getting infected is really small. You can get these from both types of medics, the hospital, or a 24/7.

Drugs: Drugs can be used by civilians only. They refill you health, and protect you if you have STDs. Drugs last about 5 seconds per gram (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and refill your health by a small amount every 1 1/2 seconds or 2 seconds. These are crucial if you are going to jail, as you will most likely be raped a few times and lose lots of health. Even if you have condoms. They can be purchased in small amounts from the hospital or the 24/7. You can also get the randomly from a food delivery person, or a prostitute. They can be purchased in large amounts from a drug dealer (/drugs) or a drug refill point (the R icons on the map).

Horse bets: You can purchase these from a better place, City Hall, or the RPC (Regular Player's Club). These allow you to bet on 5 different horses with different odds. Example: A 2:1 horse gets you 2 times what you bet. A 10:1 horse gets you 10 times what you bet. So if you bet $150,000 on a 10:1 horse, you will win $1,500,000! However, the odds of winning are smaller, of course, as you go up. You can bet from $100-$150,000. The results come in on every odd hour (example: 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, etc.)

Scratch N' Win: These can be purchased from City hall, The RPC or a 24/7. You buy one for a certain amount, and then have a small chance to win another amount. For example, if you buy a $25,000 one, you have a chance to win up to $50,000. Not the best way to get money, but they are still good if you need a small amount and want to take a chance.

Fishing Permit: These will allow civilians to fish legally in the waters. They also decrease the time needed to wait between fishing. You can purchase them from Street Venders, City Hall, 24/7s, and Bait Shops.

Drug Plants and GPS: Drugs plants will allow you to plant seeds and grow your own drugs. There are certain areas you can plant them, and anyone can pick them up and take the plant. They grow larger over time, and can be taken by hippies or eaten by deer. After a while (If they get over 150 grams or so) they will die, so you have to be sure to pick them eventually. Plant GPS will allow you to find where one of your plants are, in case you forget. They also allow you to see the size of the plant from the last time you looked at it.

Food: Food items heal different amounts of health each. They can be purchased from many places around the city, and from Food Delivery people. Not much to say here. You can also purchase non-alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol: See above. The only difference with Alcohol is that it can get you drunk if you drink to much, and you can die of alcohol poisoning if you keep drinking. The effect is based on the different types of alcohol. If you are drunk, you will get an automatic level 5 for drunk driving, and your car will spin randomly, making it annoying.


Item pickups can be found throughout the city. They are meant to be secrets, so I'm not going to tell you where to find them, but you can find: Various weapons, $10k pickups, Armor, and 28 gram drug packages. You can also find Drug plants. Not much else to say, but you can only pick them up one time per session (meaning that you have to quit and rejoin to get them all again. This can be abused, but it's not really worth the time as you don't get much). You can pick up Drug plants all you want, however.

There are also various secrets you can find that kill you. For example, Bigfoot can eat you if you walk into a marker. An elephant can rape you, Daisy the Cow will give you Mad Cow Disease, Jaws can eat you, Nessie can eat you or the fish you're carrying, and so on.


STDs are diseases that will kill you if you don't have drugs. They range from various levels, Chlamydia being the smallest effect, and Mary Lou being the largest (and worst). Most can be purchased at different locations, example: The hospital, Sex Shop, or a Private Medic. You can also get STDs from things for free. Daisy the Cow gives you Mad Cow (which you don't want, trust me) and you can get a random STD from bad drugs or a random rape. Having an STD make the chance for a successful rape very near 100%, even if you aren't a rapist, which is why people prefer Drug Dealer with 5000 grams of drugs to rape instead of rapist. If you have an STD, a public medic can cure you forcefully, making raping in jail a bad idea if good medics are on.

The CnR Economy

This is just a quick rundown of how the CnR economy works.

The most important thing for an economy is money. To learn how to make money, read the section below.

Donating players don't pay taxes, making it likely that they will be the richest players on the server. Remember this, as some have about a billion dollars (Probably more :o) and thus can place huge hits on people. That doesn't mean they hack.

There are also certain places you can rob, one being the bank. If you rob the bank, a certain amount of money will be taken out of random player's bank accounts (this does not mean every bank account). This can lead to big hits on you from people that have lots of money. The max you can rob from each person is $100,000. However, on a full server, you will probably end up getting about $500k-$1 Million.


Read the FAQ question about this. You can also receive tax refunds based ONLY on Income Taxes, not Wealth Taxes. You receive near the amount you payed, but a little bit less. This can lead to big tax refunds if you've played a while for one life - I once made 12 million from a tax refund (that's 120 million dollars made, because income taxes are about 10%) before I donated. ;D


As said, you can avoid taxes by keeping the amount of money you spend and make balanced, and not going over $2 million (On you+In the bank). You can not pay them by donating money. Don't donate, however, just to not pay taxes. You should make your donations generous. This means not just throwing down $5 and asking not to pay taxes. I donated $15 and, when I get payed, plan to do so again. So please donate generously! Go here to learn more about donating.

Making Money

The world in CnR (and in real life, too :P) revolves around money. You need it to do almost everything, and without it, you'll probably find yourself locked up in jail for a while.

Making money can be difficult if you don't know how, so I'll give a quick list of some ways to make money:

Bank interest: Works best if you don't pay taxes. You get about 5-15% of your money every two days in the bank. The money goes to your account. This can be a good way to get lots of money by just sitting around. For example, if you have 3 million in the bank, you will get $150 to (max $250) tho in interest the next time.

Selling the bonus car: This can get you about $50k+ fast. Every day at 1:00 A.M. a bonus car is announced. If the bonus car for the previous day wasn't sold, the price will increase. Keep a lookout for the message, and if you miss it, type /vsi to see the car for the day. All you have to do is find the car and take it to the crane before anyone else, simple right?

Drug missions: These can be fun. You basically just walk into the marker, and then deliver drugs to the other markers in the time limit. You lots of money doing this, but you have to wait about 6-8 hours in between them.

Car sell mission: In car sell missions, you walk into a marker and you get a list of cars. You must find these cars and bring them back to the marker in good shape. For every car you deliver, you get $15k. If you get into the last one, you get a WL10. If you manage to get them all, you will get a bonus 75k. This can be a fun way to make money, but like the drug missions, you have to wait.

Robbing the bank: This is a hard, yet sometimes profitable way of making money. If the server is full and lots of rich players are on, you may find yourself making over $500k! All you do is walk into the checkpoint at the bank and type /bankrob. The cops will be alerted, and you must wait at the checkpoint for around 30 seconds. After the time is up, you will be free to exit the bank and go to your hideout. It can be difficult as you have to be lucky and hope no cops are going to come and arrest you. If you do manage to get to the hideout, you will get lots of money. However, this will probably end with you getting a large hit on you from one of the people you stole money from.

Being a hitman: This is probably the most effective way of making money, though can be difficult. You pretty much get paid to kill people. What you do is wait for a large hit to be placed, and then chase the person with the hit. You can type /loc [ID or part of name] to find that person. If you manage to kill them, you will get the money that was placed on them. Be warned, however, that the hit may cancel sometimes! Always check /hits before you go in for the kill, or you might find yourself coming off empty handed.

Beta 12 Features

Beta 12... finally! This is a huge update, which adds and changes a lot of things!

For a full list of everything changed or added go here:

I will be going into more detail on some things though, so read below:

Houses: Read "" for more detail on them. Also, refer to one of my FAQ questions above for more info not listed on that link.

Money rush: Every other day at around 13:00 there will be a money rush. This means that the Mafia has dropped a bag of money somewhere, and you have to look for it. Don't worry, it gives you the AREA it is in (for example: Palomino Creek or something, not just "the countryside." You can refer to "" and use the search box on the side if you are unsure where an area is. All you have to do is search every nook and cranny (and rooftops sometimes: hint!) to find it.

Gun permits: You must buy these from City Hall to be able to buy weapons from the Ammunation.

Drug bag: Lets you hold 2500 more drugs (as a drug dealer) or 500 (as any other civilian skill).

Casino bars: Lets you buy drinks. You can also do horse bets AND (new) dice at them!

Bank insurance: For 2% a day and a $25,000 down payment, it will protect your money if the bank is robbed. Not really worth it if you make a lot of money, or if you get a lot of interest.

Everything else: Everything else that was added was explained in the link above! Please visit it.


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