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Taxes are compulsory fees in CnR, paid under certain circumstances. A tax system was introduced to put a stop to the huge gap between the rich and poor on CnR.

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Recurrent taxes

There are 4 recurrent taxes in CnR, of which all are paid every 2 game days.

Wealth Tax

When you have over $10 million in bank, cash in hand or stocks you will be taxed 12%

Wealth taxes cannot Be received back in a tax refund.

Players that donate $10 or more IRL towards the servers up-keep are immune from this.

Income Tax

You will be taxed on all money that you have earned since you last tax bill. At 7%

Storage Tax

Storage tax is at 6%, and using your house storage will not include this money in the wealth tax. As storage tax is half that of wealth tax, it is a good idea to use this if you want a cheaper tax bill.

Property Taxes

Tax Exemptions

Donating Players Are exempt from Wealth taxes. Con artist might avoid paying taxes


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