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"The streets are watching."

Street Justice slogan

"We don't use guns! Seriously!"

Before Street Justice started using guns

Street Justice is a justiceful group on CnR.


Angel_Eyes came up with the group in 2007, but it wasn't officially a group until 2008. When asked about Street Justice before it was officially created, Angel_Eyes would say it wasn't ready. Many people believed it still wasn't ready when Angel_Eyes made the gang thread.

Street Justice opposed lethal force and the use of guns. After that, they only killed in self-defence. Now they use guns, however, they still rarely kill people.


At first, Street Justice would use melee weapons and scripted attacks to leave a player at low health. They would only do this to people they believed were committing acts of injustice.

Now they find easy ways to make money, usually by robbing truck drivers.


Street Justice communicates on Ventrilo.


Street Justice is occasionally seen working with DMH.


Today, Street Justice is upholding justice with their "holy" weapons of mass destruction. They still don't kill often, but they sure do leave the evil doers in a position where they are an easy kill for anyone else.


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