Smuggling missions: you pick up illegal goods at a distant location and smuggle them into the current city. A warrant will be issued (if cops are nearby) for your arrest for smuggling goods and the police will attempt to prevent you from delivering the illegal items. 

Mis courier 1

Mis courier 2
As a civilian, you can begin a courier mission by typing /smuggle. The pickup location is always far away from the city and the delivery destination is always in the city. You have 12 game hours to complete a courier delivery, and you receive an extra bonus based on distance and time when you complete a delivery. You can use any type of vehicle for courier deliveries.

Mis courier 3

Press the Sub-Mission Key or type /mission at any time during a courier delivery to get information about your current delivery or pickup.

Smuggling Mission - Video

CBCNR Video - Courier Delivery Mission

CBCNR Video - Courier Delivery Mission


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