Skills are unique abilities players can choose for their character in CrazyBobs.


Skills represent areas of expertise that you can choose to specialize in depending on your play style and what you want to achieve. There are two types of Skills in CrazyBobs, Civilian and Law Enforcement, and each is dependent on what Skin you choose.

Each skill has different goals and can use specific commands. You will be asked to select your skill when you start a new life, change skin, or if you purchase a skill change in the City Hall. Some skins, though, are limited to a single skill. Keep that in mind when selecting them.

Civilian skills

Con Artist

Main article: Con Artist

Con Artists can rob large amounts of money from other players, but with a lower success rate than Pick Pockets. They can sometimes evade taxes.

Pick Pocket

Main article: Pick Pocket

Pick Pokcets can rob smaller amounts of money from players, but the robberies are nearly always successful. Victims do not get a large message across their screen about the robbery (only a message in the chat window), so it is easier to escape afterwards.

Drug Dealer

Main article: Drug Dealer

Drug Dealers mainly grow and sell drugs. They can carry more drugs than other classes and their drug plants grow faster and sell drugs to another players.


Main article: Prostitute

Prostitutes sell sex to other players. They can dance for money, and be associated with pimps.


Main article: Hitman

Hitmen kill players with hits on them for money.

Car Jacker

Main article: Car Jacker

Car Jackers steal and sell cars. They can steal any non-admin car (even if it has been locked), and sell cars more frequently than other players.


Main article: Rapist

Rapists can rape players more successfully than other skills. This often spreads diseases.

Private Medic

Main article: Private Medic

Private Medics can sell medic items and diseases. They can also attempt to infect a player with a random they do not want.


Main article: Driver

Drivers get payed by other players who want to get to a location without driving.

Arms Dealer

Main article: Arms Dealer

Arms Dealers sell weapons to other players. They can refill their stock at Ammunation.


Main article: Kidnapper

Kidnappers can attempt to kidnap anyone in the vehicle they are driving and demand a ransom. They can pose as any skill to help get people in their vehicle.

Street Vendor

Main article: Street Vendor

Street Vendors sell items usually found in 24/7s or City Hall to players.

Food Delivery

Main article: Food Delivery

Food Delivery people sell food and drink to players. They are the only skill than can drive the Pizza Boy scooter.

Law Enforcement Skills

Police officers can do every law enforcement command, enter any law enforcement vehicle, and access the weapon refill menu in the Police Department. Public Medics and Law Enforcement Arms dealers can't drive law enforcement motorcycles or helicopters, or access the weapon refill menu in the Police Department. The only law enforcement commands they can use is /arrest and /cm (cop message). Also, they can't see the police radio, which shows officers the current crimes in progress.

Police Officer

Main article: Police Officer

The Police Officer skill is the most popular skill on CnR, with sometimes over half the server playing as one. The main role of police officers is to ticket, chase and arrest criminals. Officers can also patrol the Police Department, accept (or refuse) bribes to reduce (or increase) wanted levels, respond to robberies and do scripted patrol missions.

Obviously, police officers can not commit crimes, and an officer caught working with a criminal (for example, waiting outside a store that a criminal is robbing to accept their bribe, and then splitting the money) could face a ban.

Main roles

As previous stated, the main role of a police officer is to arrest criminals (as well as ticketing people with a wanted level below 6). They can do this by standing (or driving in a law enforcement vehicle, such as a police cruiser, helicopter, or one of the high speed pursuit vehicles) next to a criminal who is on foot and typing /arrest (or pressing their submission key, usually the number 2 on the number pad).

Public Medic

Main article: Public Medic

Public medics sell medical items, heal players with low health, and cure infected players. To sell items and heals to a player, type /medic or /heal (nick/id). Unlike private medics, public medics can forcefully /cure infected players to prevent epidemics. Public Medics have a limited item supply, which can be refilled at any hospital. To do so, type /refill at the red hospital checkpoint. To sell your items to a player, use /medic (nick/id).

Note: To call for a medic, type /medic.

Police Arms Dealer

Main article: Police Technician

Police Arms Dealers sell weapons to other law enforcement agents. These sell quite well, although not as well as they sell with civilian arms dealers. Arms Dealers often enjoy less supply than demand. Your weapons supply is limited and can be /refilled at any Ammunation. Refills are expensive but may well be worth the money. You can set prices for each weapon with /prices. To sell them to other law enforcement agents, use /weapons (nick/id). This will give them a menu where they can choose which weapon they want. If they buy, 1 will be subtracted from your current supply and you will get paid for the weapon.

Note: To call for an arms dealer, type /weapons.


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