Sharks are one of the types of fish that are able to be caught during Fishing in CrazyBobs.


Sharks are widely considered a solid catch, often fetching the fisherman over $20, 000 for a single fish. On average they typically reach anywhere from 500 to 1000lbs and it is very rare to see one over 2000lbs.

Real Life

Sharks vary extremely widely and inhabit waters globally. Most sharks are primarily ocean dwellers and are confined to salt water, but some, like the Bull Shark, are able to survive in fresh water and are known to frequent Rivers and Lakes connected to the sea.

Sharks are apex predators with no natural enemies and most's diets primarily consist of fish and seals. Many sharks bite to interact with the environment around them, often sinking their teeth into boats, easily seen in inflatable dinghys. Only a few select species are known to attack humans with most attacks being attributed to curiosity rather than blood lust.


A Bullshark

A few species such as the Tiger Shark and the Bull Shark are labelled as being vicious, but these species are known for their overly inquisitive nature. It is these two species which are most commonly recognized as garbage guts, often eating a wide variety of non-edible, sea-faring trash including small tires and license plates. This too is attributed to their over curiosity with their environment.

Despite popular belief, the Great White Shark is not the most dangerous shark to humans, primarily due to their biological restriction to ocean water, their comparatively placid personality and their now vulnerable conservation status. The Bull Shark's inquisitive nature and it's tendency to wander into brackish and fresh water makes it the most dangerous Shark in the world to humans. It is thought that many attacks on humans are mistakenly blamed on Great White sharks when in fact, most are likely Bull Shark encounters which are easily misidentified.

It is never mentioned exactly which species is caught in CrazyBobs, but it is unlikely to be the infamous Great White as the species has been listed as vulnerable for quite some time and in many areas, it is illegal to catch and kill them.


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