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"lol , a cop gang!"

CnR forums

"how the fuck can you become a gang when your a cop LMAO ... cops arrest gang members.... what is your gang going to do eat donuts ROFL"

CnR forums

SAPA, or San Andreas Patrolmen's Association, was announced by Ponch on Oct 20, 2006 EST, in Cops and Robbers version 1.2


Ponch had the idea after fellow player, Knutico started a gang for the Latin American Players, and thought "Well, since there is a gang even for people from Latin America why not get together the SAPD?" Ponch made a post on the CnR forum which drew much attention to the idea. Many of the regulars liked the idea, and quickly announced their intent to join. The initial members were TheCripple, BryanJ.K., CobaltFox, and Stinger.

Many people were let into the group, and many failed the process. One such failed officer was Lennart, who went on to start CUSA, Cops United San Andreas. A fad began to join one of the cop groups, which brought along many well known officers, such as Pole_Ice, Shield42, Maddog, and others. Shortly after, Pole_Ice became co-leader and was in charge of the website and recruiting.

"well, being the last one in SAPA to leave, i'll explain it. SAPA was started by Ponch. He had an idea, why not bring the cops together? So, when that was posted, many of the regs back then liked the idea, and other criminal groups were upset :D . And so the group got larger and larger. Lennart, who, I believe wanted to join, but failed, started CUSA to get back at SAPA. Members joined CUSA and time went on. About a year ago, Pole_Ice and Ponch had some problems. Mike, a former member who later became the co-leader of CUSA, was bored one day, and named a server "CrazyMike's Cops and Robbers", just for fun. CrazyBob was pissed, and thus SAPD was formed. SAPA lost about 1/2 of it's members to SAPD. SAPA was in shambles. We were having problems, since Pole was the one who gave us the site and voice communication. Thus we merged with CUSA to create CUSA-SAPA. We shared communications, shared a site, and shared a recruitment process. The former SAPA member, Mike, was the one who gave CUSA-SAPA the resources that were needed. And thus life went on. As the members started becoming inactive, the member list was shortening quite majorly. Soon enough, there were about 2 members left of CUSA that were active, and I was the last SAPA member whom was active. And so, I thought about recruiting some members, Bozi, who enjoyed the idea of joining the group, joined. But it wasn't good enough, a couple months later, I recruited Vodkah, who wasn't in SAPA long. He wasn't there long due to me stopping the group entirely. As I stopped the group, I thought about the officers who were previously in SAPA, whom had gone to SAPD a year ago. And so I put my recruiting post in. And I had gotten in after passing the tests. SAPA was officially dead, as well as CUSA."

CobaltFox, on police group history
SAPD forums

Controversy and SAPD

A SAPA recruit that had come along with knowledge of scripting started a group server, running his own SA:MP script. Mike, the scripter who later became the co-leader of Cops United San Andreas, one day named a server "CrazyMike's Cops and Robbers", just for fun. CrazyBob became unhappy, and banned all of the San Andreas Patrolmen's Association officers. Pole_Ice, who had been on vacation while this happened, became entangled in this mess, and removed Mike from the group. CrazyBob eventually unbanned the group, and due to this problem, Pole_Ice started a new cop group, SAPD, with former fellow officers, Shield42 and Maddog.

After the controversy, about half of all the SAPA officers went on to transfer into SAPD. This brought about many problems to the remaining SAPA officers. Pole_Ice had been hosting the SAPA site and Ventrilo server, and since he had left, the site and voice communication servers had left with him. A tie with Cops United San Andreas was formed, but it was unable to prevent the exodus of officers, and both teams eventually dwindled.