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Regular Players on CrazyBob's Cops and Robbers are players who have played long enough to be known by server admins and other regular players. A regular player must respect the server rules [citation needed] and must be an example for all the new players. [citation needed] As regular player, you get access to the Regular Players Club.

There are two types of regular players:

- Regular Player Level 1: They are automatically set as regular players by a system which is mostly based on play time and score.

- Regular Player Level 2: These are long-time players selected by CrazyBob and the admin team and most of them are usually well-known and respected. A list of level 2 regulars can be found here.[note: this page is very outdated]

Asking for regular player level 2 is useless due to the fact that this rank is not set by the admin team anymore. The link provided lists the regular players level 2's from 2009, and some have been promoted to donating player or even administrator since then. Anyone that is still currently regular player level 2 has held this rank for a very long time.


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