Rapist is one of the Skills Civilians can choose from in CrazyBobs.


A self-explanatory skill. Your job is to rape people for score. /rape (id/nick) is used for this. You get one point for a successful rape. If you rape, you may pass on or generate diseases. Be careful as these can kill you too.

Any civilian skill can function as a Rapist, assuming they have drugs and diseases. Drug Dealers are pretty common, as they can have a minimum of 2,500 drugs which is significantly higher than other skills.

This means a Drug Dealer is able to last longer with drugs as well as sell drugs while raping. It's useful, however, compared to other skills. Rapists aren't as basic.

Rapists don't need diseases to rape/infect, their chances of successful raping are increased (even with one or two diseases), the time between raping again is decreased and the time between periodic disease damaging your health is increased. These effectively make a rapist superior to other skills in the jail cells / allow a rapist to survive longer against some stronger diseases on foot (excluding Mary Lou).


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