Want to see how good of a driver you are? Do races in CnR! Simply type /challenge and go to the designated starting checkpoint. The first time is free and each attempt raises the price. You win money by setting a top 10 rank. Certain challenges require a specific car.

Point To Point - Race Challenges have a fixed start point

Circuit - Race Challenges will determine the closest point at which to start the challenge.

Note: Traffic and other obstacles (Example: Jaws) are part of the challenge!

Race Challenge Records

1. San Andreas Tour

2. Chiliad Climb

3. Around San Fierro

4. Desert Highways

5. Around Los Santos

6. Red County Run

7. SF to LS

8. Flint County Scenic Route

9. Around Las Venturas

10. Missionary Hill Climb

11. Trucker Challenge

12. Admin Hill

13. Los Santos Curcuit

14. Back O Beyond Trail

15. East Los Santos

16. Dam Rider

17. Boating With Jaws

18. Desert Trail

19. Hills Of San Fierro

20. LV Biker Endurance

21. Las Venturas Fly-By

22. San Fierro Bay

23. Bridges Of San Fierro

24. San Fierro Fly-By

25. Farm Roads

26. High Speed Los Santos

27. Boat Ride

28. LS Helicopter Tour


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