A Medic is one of three types of Law Enforcement classes in CrazyBob's.


Medics are a vital support role in CrazyBob's. They also encompass the Fire Department skins.

Medics can heal, cure and sell different items to other players. They can also cure diseases without other player's consent to prevent epidemics. They can refill their inventory at any Hospital.

Public Medic is a law enforcement skill on CnR. It is the law enforcement version of the Private Medic skill. They can sell health related items and heals to other players. They can also force cure players that have been infected by diseases. Unlike Private Medics, they cannot sell items such as diseases and drugs. Public Medics cannot issue tickets, but they can arrest criminals.They can also cure and heal themselves with "/cme" (to cure yourself) and "/hme" (to heal yourself).


  • Condoms
  • Adrenaline Pills
  • Life Insurance
  • Chastity belt
  • Cane


/sell , /heal , /h (nick/id) - offer to someone.

/cure - cure someone who has diseases.

/cureme , /cme - cure your self.

/healme , /hme - give a 25% health to your self.


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