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Someone isn't playing fair? Cheating? Hacking? Deathmatching? Here's what you do, and what you don't do.

First, we'll call them the "Suspect".


1. Tell everyone in public chat, ie "Bob is using car HP cheat" or "Doug is a cop, killing innocents!". If the "suspect" knows that he's been called out, he may act normal or turn off his hacks/trainer, and we then can't prove anything.

2. Try to kill the "suspect". Just get away from the person and then use /complain.


1. Get clear of the "Suspect" and issue your /complain

2. If the "suspect" is also a warranted criminal harassing you, call /911 as well.


1. A cop reports you and you have done nothing wrong (IE the report made you wanted level 1).

2. A cop is ramming your car - REPEATEDLY. Swerving into you by accident because he was trying to get out of the way is not /complain-able. If he plays Demolition Derby with you, though, that *is*.

3. A warranted criminal in a police pursuit leaves the server to avoid arrest/deport (LEAVING, not timeout). They should be in jail when they return, but use the /complain anyways, even if it does register the takedown.

4. Spawn Killers - People that stand where other players spawn and instantly attack them as they respawn.

5. Campers - This is in regard to deathmatchers that wait outside a building with their gun trained on the door to mow down anyone exiting. It does NOT count if the camper is a hitman and the person that they're killing is their target, but if they kill a bystander, THAT is /complain-able. Hitman Camping is considered cheap.

6. A cop is using a Rustler to attack -anyone- except a warranted criminal, or an innocent is using a Rustler to attack anyone, PERIOD. Don't say you're using it to complete a hit, as Rustler kills are recorded as "environment kills" and don't count towards any score. It *IS* legal for cops to use the Rustler in highway/out-of-town pursuits of difficult-to-catch suspects.

7. A player is using aircraft as a suicide bomb (crashing it into police departments, banks, meeting places, etc), or "Heli Killing" (flying helicopters at angles so the chopper blades kill people too near it)

8. A cop steals the vehicle of an innocent citizen ('I must commandeer your vehicle' is not acceptable in CnR)

9. A warranted criminal uses his WL as an excuse to DM innocents or cops (warranted criminals are allowed to shoot back at cops chasing them, but it is DM for a warranted criminal to purposefully seek out an officer and start shooting at them)

10. Any obvious hacks are being used (Flying car, teleport/speed hacks, miniguns)

11. Player is being exceedingly sexist, racist, or the like. We don't tolerate those kind of people. "Misinterpreted racism" is ignored, such as "You don't kill white people." - referring to innocent people being white blips on the map.

12. Players have overly offensive (racist/sexist) names, like gasthejews or tailpipe_niggers or such.

13. Death threats in RL. CnR is a -game- and if people start bringing reality into it, they indeed need a reality check.

14. A player PMs you that they were banned for cheating, and they changed IP to return here (evading bans is a capital offense!)

15. Someone spending all their time bitching and moaning. Yes, if we also find them irritating, we may mute them.

16. Someone in the same jail cell starts fighting with you for no reason - /rape is OK and you can fight people that rape you, but you can't just kill all your cellmates for no reason.

17. Disease Rapists in jail. Many online admins will break out a fire drill if they hear that people are spamming /rape with combined drug use in jail cells. So do tell us it's happening. :)


1. A cop or cops are camping the vehicle sell point (any map), or casino entrances (LV only)

2. A warranted criminal/hit dies in their burning/submurged car rather than ejecting (Stay somewhat close when the car explodes/suspect drowns, and get the takedown point, cops. The suspect loses everything (unless they have life insurance, then they lose -some- things), and you don't really lose anything at all, so why complain?)

3. If you're getting PM spammed. Use /nopm to turn off your private messages.



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