A Police Officer is one of three types of Law Enforcement Classes in CrazyBobs.


Police Officers uphold the law in CrazyBobs and must protect the city and it's innocent civilians from crime. They make up the bulk of San Andreas Law Enforcement and their main roles involve arresting Warrants and issuing tickets to Suspects.

Police Officers progress through a series of ranks, from Recruit to Commissioner, by arresting and ticketing suspects. Extra privileges are gained when these ranks are attained, such as the ability to refill ammunition for high power Weapons at Police HQ and the ability to purchase additional vehicles and resources in the Police Garage.Also, a Police Officer will lose his rank if he kills any innocent civilian and cop.

The Police Officer skill is the most popular skill on CnR, with sometimes over half the server playing as one. The main role of police officers is to ticket, chase and arrest criminals. Officers can also patrol the Police Department, accept (or refuse) bribes to reduce (or increase) wanted levels, respond to robberies and do scripted cop missions.

Obviously, police officers can not commit crimes, and an officer caught working with a criminal (for example, waiting outside a store that a criminal is robbing to accept their bribe, and then splitting the money) could face a ban.

Main roles

As previous stated, the main role of a police officer is to arrest criminals (as well as ticketing people with a wanted level below 6). They can do this by standing (or driving in a law enforcement vehicle, such as a police cruiser, helicopter, or one of the high speed pursuit vehicles) next to a criminal who is on foot and typing /arrest (or pressing their submission key, usually the number 2 on the number pad).


0. Recruit

1. Training

2. Foot Patrol

3. Officer

4. Officer

5. Sergeant

6. Sergeant

7. Lieutenant

8. Lieutenant

9. Captain

10. Commissioner


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