The following commands are used by pimps and prostitutes.

/pimp, /pimpoffer, /pimpof

Offer your pimping services to Prostitutes

/pimpcall, /pimpc

Call for a Pimp

/pimpaccept, /pimpa, /pimpyes

Accept from a Pimp


Pimp information and guidelines

/pimpinfo, /pimplist, /pimpi, /pimpl

List of other pimps

/pimpleave, /pimplv

To leave as a pimp

/pimpleaveall, /pimplva

Leave all pimps

/pimpmsg, /pimpm

Send a message to all pimps

/pimprefus, /pimpref, /pimpr, /pimpno, /refuse

Deny from a Pimp


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