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Pele LV

Pele[LV] in front of his usual job car - Red Cop Cheetah

In-game name Pele[LV]
Forum name Pele[LV]
Joined CnR August, 2010
Player status Donating Player
Group(s)/gang(s) BCG, All Blue
Main skill(s) Cop, Trucker
Favourite car(s) Banshee, Cheetah, Roadtrain
Favourite aircraft Rustler, Stunt Plane

Pele[LV] joined CrazyBobs Cops And Robbers in August, 2010.

Pele[LV] became regular player month or two later after he started playing CnR.

Pele[LV] became donating player on April 29th, 2013.

He is most know for robbing The San Fierro Drug Factory and working for the Police Force. As civilian he most of the time delivers cargos on LS and is fishing most of the time on SF. As cop he likes to work with his friends or sometimes join All Blue team to work together. After few months of inactivity in late of March, 2013 he met one of his best friends so far - KizG. He has another very good friend Zuzite LV who is currently inactive.

Pele-LV- KizG002

Pele with his best friend KizG relaxing after hard work

His favorite cities sort by playing time are: 3rd - Las Venturas, 2nd - San Fierro, 1st - Los Santos.

Joining Groups

In early 2013 Pele joined All Blue group and group only for Drivers San Andreas Drivers Union (S.A.D.U).

He met many new friends after joining these groups.

Pele working with All Blue team

Creating His Own Gang


Pele with BCG

After joining All Blue and SADU (After renamed as San Andreas Transporter Services, then was known as San Andreas Labour Union and currently doesn't exist anymore) he had an idea creating his own gang. On April 28th, 2013 he finally did it and that became the foundation of gang called Bloody CripZ Gang.
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