PartyBus, a very good if not the best activity that people do on CnR. Most of these PartyBuses are started by an admin and are ended by a lot of deaths and laughter.


Nobody knows for sure when or where the PartyBus originated in SA-MP, but it probably was first created many years ago. It wasn't originated in CnR though.

How and when does a PartyBus start?

PartyBuses start when there are a lot of admins in-game. They spawn a bus and people from all over SA come in the bus to have some fun. If not many people arrive to the PartyBus, the admins usually make big text appear across everyone's screen advertising the PartyBus. If that doesn't work, the driver usually drives around the city picking up random people.

What consequences will have the people who interrupt the PartyBus?

Most likely they will be spawned helpless in air and fall to their deaths. Admins can also torture them in cruel ways if they want to.

What can happen on a PartyBus?

When you're in a PartyBus everything can happen. You can die in many ways, visit the underworld or explore the sky. You can even have a hotbox. But a PartyBus traditionally goes up Mount Chiliad and jumps off the ramp at the top, possibly resulting in a lot of deaths. If the driver is a kidnapper, he/she might kidnap everyone on the bus, resulting in a light-blue explosion of spam followed by a lot of laughing. Sometimes, a PartyBus can extend farther than just the bus. Sometimes, admins will spawn objects, like ramps, basically anything fun.

WTF just happened? I just timed out when I left the PartyBus!

This usually occurs when a lot of players are inside the bus at the same time. Since there are so many things going on in that bus, the SA-MP program crashes because it cannot handle all that data at once. Sometimes if you type the /ejectme command, you will leave the bus safely. Otherwise, everyone will have to get out one at a time. If you do crash, DO NOT spam messages telling the admin to teleport you back to the bus, because you will probably get muted or kicked.

How does a PartyBus end?

A PartyBus usually ends when someone farts and blows the bus up. Other cases can be that the bus might have blown up from damage or being shot at, everyone getting tired of the PartyBus, the week ending, or when it reaches its destination.

Can "normal" players start a PartyBus?

Yes, they can, but not so many people will come like they come to the admin driven PartyBus. It is not recommended though as your bus isn't supervised for protection and some DM noobs might blow the bus up. Also, a person who has a Driver skill (or Kidnapper) should be driving the bus to prevent people from jacking it.


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