The Paramedic Mission is a Law Enforcement-based mission on CnR.


In this mission, you have to pick up patients from random locations and deliver them to a hospital. The mission can only be started in an ambulance and it is only accessible for Law Enforcement. It was added in Version 23. You are required to drive through checkpoints at random locations, which will be a 'patient'. Once picked up, they need to be taken back to a hospital - any hospital will do, then you will drive out to pick up another. The more patients you save, the more money you get. If you get the record, you will get a bonus of $25000.

You have 6 minutes to complete this mission.


Start off by having the right class. You need to be a Law Enforcement class to access this mission. Any form of Law Enforcement will work, including temporary police duty.

Find an Ambulance, get inside and type /mission. You'll receive your first destination. Afterwards, start driving to the checkpoints. Or, should we call them... "patients". Each patient you pick up will net you $5000 and will be recorded under the mission box, along with the time and destination. You will need to drive to the nearest hospital to drop them off, there will be a checkpoint nearby, go through it.

Keep driving back and forth between patients and a hospital, and eventually you'll come to an end. You'll see this menu displaying things such as amount of patients saved, bonus amount, a record if you've gotten it and the bonus for the record.

Paramedic Mission Complete

The mission complete menu.

Paramedic Mission - Video

CBCnR Video - Paramedic Mission

CBCnR Video - Paramedic Mission

Paramedic Mission - Hospital Locations

Los Santos

Los Santos Hospital (Market)

Los Santos Hospital in Market
Online Map Location

Los Santos Hospital (Jefferson)

Los Santos Hospital in Jefferson
Online Map Location

San Fierro

San Fierro Hospital (Santa Flora)

San Fierro Hospital in Santa Flores
Online Map Location

Las Venturas

Las Venturas Hospital (Las Venturas Airport)

Las Venturas Hospital at Las Venturas Airport
Online Map Location

Red County

Crippen Memorial Hospital (Montgomery)

Crippen Memorial Hospital in Montgomery
Online Map Location


Angel Pine Medical Center (Angel Pine)

Angel Pine Medical Center in Angel Pine
Online Map Location

Bone County

Fort Carson Medical Center (Fort Carson)

Fort Carson Medical Center in Fort Carson
Online Map Location

Tierra Robada

El Quebrados Medical Center (El Quebrados)

El Quebrados Medical Center in El Quebrados
Online Map Location


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