The Nosell commands give you the ability to control who you sell / don't want to sell to (For skills who offer services).

/nocalls, /callsoff

No longer receive calls for the services you offer

/nosell, /ns, /selllist

Selling permissions main menu

/noselladd, /nsadd

Text draw that asks you to add a name you want on the no-sell list

/noselladdall, /nsaddall

Adds every person in-game currently online onto the list

/noselldel, /nsel, /nsremove, /nsrem

Select a person from a list that was blocked to remove

/nsselldelall, /nsdellall, /nsremoveall, /nsremall

Removes everybody that was on the no-sell list

/noselllist, /noselllst, /nslist, /nslst

All players you added on your no-sell list


Offer your items to other players


Display main sales menu


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