Missing Person Mission is a v24 mission on CrazyBob's Cops and Robbers.


It's started by the server automatically.When there is an avaliable missing person to find you see text down on your game screen.

In the mission you need to find, as the name suggests, a missing person.

This mission cannot be started with the command /mission.Person's location could be anywhere in San Andreas, he spawns at random places.

This mission is only for law enforcement agents.

Practically, the missing person is a skin with a checkpoint in front of him, so it's easy to be seen.

If the missiong person hasn't been found in 24 game hours, the mission will be cancelled and you will have to wait before playing the mission again.

Be the first to respond to the call and get a reward!


Missing Person Mission - Video

CBCNR Missing Person Mission

CBCNR Missing Person Mission

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