This guide was made by CnR donating player and admin, Psyra

Why did this thing just say i got killed by a smiley face?

Many people over the years

Fixing the Annoyance

Simply put, certain installs of Windows or alterations of the fonts directory on your PC may cause your GTA kill list to display unusual fonts, weird symbols, and smiley faces. If this happens to you, you can fix it by downloading the proper font and installing it on your PC.

  • Download from Psyra's page. Alternatively you can Google it, if you don't trust my virus checker and this VirusTotal scan :)
  • Unzip the font to somewhere easy to find (like a base drive like c:\ or whatever)
  • Open Windows Explorer and go to c:\windows\fonts.
  • If you have XP, go to the File menu and select Install New Font.
  • If you have Vista, rightclick in the actual list of fonts itself and select Install New Font.
  • When the window comes up, navigate to the proper directory and highlight the gtaweap3.ttf font, then select Install Font.
  • Close the window and start SA-MP. Your Kill List font should be working!

Simple as pie! Mmmmmm, piiiiie.....


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