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Manhunt is a mission on CnR.


Manh Mis 1
The Manhunt Mission is available from the same checkpoint as the Routine Patrol and Domestic Disturbance missions, again, only for cops. When the mission is selected, the player will have to go from the PD to a randomly selected player somewhere in San Andreas. If the player gets to the player before time runs out, an award will be given and the mission will be completed.

To start the mission, get to the main Police Department in the current city, enter the checkpoint, type /mission and select the third option. The mission will start.

Manh Mis 2
Get to the designated player before time runs out, if you will $ 35,000 is yours.

Type /cancel at any time during a the mission to cancel it.

Manhunt Mission - Video

CBCNR Video - Manhunt Mission-2

CBCNR Video - Manhunt Mission-2

Manhunt Mission Locations

Manhunt - Los Santos LSPD HQ

Mis police ls

Online Map Location

Manhunt - San Fierro SFPD HQ

Mis police sf

Online Map Location

Manhunt - Las Venturas LVPD HQ

Mis police lv

Online Map Location


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