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"¡Te la comes!".

MAFIA LATINA is the first and the biggest Latin group on CnR. Created on 31st July 2008 by Ivan_Avila.

Official Seal of MAFIA LATINA


MAFIA LATINA's main objective is financial profit through both legal and illegal activities. Providing illegal goods and services desired by the general population. Its members specialize in different activities within the group.

MIND Communication


Operación Valquiria - OPV (Operation Valkyrie)

It was a secret operation organized by the majority of official members and some candidates as part of a coup against the founder Ivan Avila, one of the reason was the dissatisfaction with the attitude of the leader Ivan Avila on July 17, 2011.

The changes were made due to the discontent of various member within the group; as well as for bettering ML's presence and reputation within the CnR community.

The band split was imminent, and for that reason by a safety lock to prevent Ivan Avila stop the coup, proceeded to start the operation after Ivan had noticed the lock.

At the end of the operation Carlo Najera and Ivan left the group and threatening to attack the remaining members of ML.

Some candidates followed Ivan Avila and Carlo Najera, and they formed a new group called INSUNZA which enters the server under the name of "Mafia Latina Org." which has attacked members of Mafia Latina, GAZA, DMH, among others. Noteworthy that this group is not the original Mafia Latina.






Official Members

  • Kote
  • Spark
  • [Jorge]
  • Robozed
  • Pecsi
  • Alberto_Vazquez
  • strokesfan
  • chingonsiillo
  • Perroncillo
  • carlos_karlos

Recruits (Not Official Members Yet)

Inactive Members

Ex-Mafia Latina (Retired Members)

  • CLEO - Retired Veteran
  • [GX]Richie - Retired Officer

Expelled Members/Recruits

  • Skydragon - Reason: Treason,
  • Fregonsillo - Reason: Association with a cheater
  • karlos_carlos - Reason: Being a faggot