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<3 (pronounced "Love") is a social club on CnR.

It was created a couple days after ><> was banned for the old members of FISH to still chat in group and for any regular player to join the group and chat with other members.

<3 was used as the name because it symbolizes the love between players to stick together. However, recently in the wake of more and more members within the group DMing, the group has now become defunct.

A "revival" of <3 began in Summer of 2010. Panda wanted players to come together once again as they had.

"I basically saw a bunch of angry people running around controling the server. I wasn't okay with it and I started remebering how love had really brought everyone together, no matter what gang or mess you were in with some other player. I decided that I might as well try and bring it back because I missed it and wanted people to be able to experience what I had come to know when I was a gigantic noob! Now wheither it worked or not is for someone else to say, But i tried :)"
-Panda, Regular Player

The group can still be found in CnR sometimes, Mainly when Panda is present on the server so she can lead it.