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Los Santos is the first main city in San Andreas. It is the most south-eastern city, with road links to Red County

and Flint County

Landmarks and important buildings

City Hall

Main article: City Hall

Los Santos City Hall in Temple

The city hall can be found at Temple Southwest of Crazybob's Place and North of Ammunation.


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Hospitalas ls

All Saints General Hospital In Market


County General Hospital In Jefferson

Los Santos has 2 hospital.

All Saint General Hospital is located in Market

County General Hospital in Jefferson.

Regular Players Club

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RPC ls

Regular Players Club in Rodeo

The Regular Players Club is found in Rodeo. There are a couple of Stretches in front of it, but it doesn't have a parking garage.

DM stadium

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Stadium ls

DM stadium in Los Santos

The LS DM stadium is located south-west of the East Beach. You can freely DM inside without any consequences.



There are three major bridges in and out of Los Santos.

Martin Bridge

Martin Bridge is the bridge heading from Red County to Bone County.

Martin Bridge - Satellite Location

Fallow Bridge

Fallow Bridge, alongside Martin Bridge is a bridge that is heading from Red County (Hampton Barns) to Bone County.

Fallow Bridge - Satellite Location

Flint Bridge

Flint Bridge links south west Los Santos (Rodeo/Santa Marina Beach area) to Flint County.

Flint Bridge - Satellite Location


Main article: Airport
Airport ls

Los Santos International Airport.

Los Santos International is located south-east of Verdant Bluffs.

Roads and Traintracks

There are two major highways in Los Santos. One comes in Northeast Los Santos, heading south. It passes above the police department before curving to the west and passing the Los Santos Airport Parking. It the curves around to the east, passing into a tunnel under the runway area, before emerging and turns northward. It runs on the eastern edge of Los Santos, passing in between Los Santos and the docks, before running northward out of the city towards Las Venturas. Another highway branches off of the first one in the middle of Los Santos, heading in an easterly direction before terminating near the DM Stadium.

A pair of train tracks run into Los Santos from Flint County, running underground, beneath Northwest Los Santos, emerging in the train station at El Corona. It then continues heading northward through East Los Santos, vanishing in a tunnel in Red County.


Police department

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Pd ls

Police Department in Los Santos

The police department is found in Pershing Square. It has two parking garages, one of them is underground.

The second police department is found in Red County in a small town called Dillimore. It has a small parking garage in which police vehicles are placed.

Ocean Docks

Los Santos Car Sell Crane

Car Sell Crane In Los Santos

Ocean Docks are located east of the Los Santos International. It consists of several cranes and a large ship.

The Vehicle Sell Checkpoint is here.

Ocean Docks Crane - Satellite Location


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