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La Coca Nostra, better known as LCN, was a rule-breaking criminal organization back in 2008/09, headed by Raging_Bull and a number of co-leaders. LCN ended in 2009 but got back in 2012.

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The start came when five friends ([3P]El_Loco, [RTS]Joao[TD], Pedro2mp[PT], eric_sweeney and P0th#@d) decided to join up with a minor gang called La Coca Nostra headed by Pvt_88. They started in modest beginnings when Pvt_88 won the lottery. They bought one of the first houses in Los Santos. Their group was founded on cooperation and teamwork. The group was not rich but they had loyal members.

LCN was involved with numerous wars with other groups such as FISH, SAM and DMH.

In 2009 due to a big number of complaints, Pedro2mp[PT], one of the leaders at that time, decided to end the gang.

More recently in 2012, Pedro2mp[PT] and PureSkillz brought back the gang and turned them into the number one gang in San Fierro.


[3P]El_Loco was given leadership of LCN, but due to his position on the server, his behavior became a little "erratic". After a few months of leading the gang, tensions between him and Assassin started, which later on led to a ban for illegal deathmatching, as well as alleged use of hacks.