Kidnapper is one of the several civilian skills a player can choose in CrazyBobs.


Kidnappers can hold other players against their will for ransom money. While in Driver vehicles (Taxi, Bus, Limo, Air Vehicle), kidnappers will appear as drivers. By getting other players into the passenger seats, the kidnapper can lock the victims in and bring them to a hideout.

The Kidnappers are the Drivers' evil clone. As a Kidnapper, your job is to get in a car (especially one very popular for Drivers) and wait for people to enter it, thinking that you're a driver. When your victim is in your car, type /kidnap (ransom) to kidnap it and take it to your hideouts. It wil not be set free until the ransom is paid or the victim escapes, or if the kidnapper uses /release (id/nick) to free them. Ransoms can be from up to $50000. Kidnapping people is a lot of fun if done well.

Here you can see what new has been added and changed to the skill:

  • Kidnapping will always give you a warrant
  • Once you kidnap players, you receive a small bonus
  • Once you bring kidnapped players to your hideout, you will steal between 20% and 80% of their on-hand cash
  • If kidnapped players quit while kidnapped (not in hideout), the kidnapper will still be paid and the victim will still lose the money
  • Kidnapped players placed in a hideout will have a certain amount of time to live. If not released by then, they will die
  • If kidnapped players quit while in your hideout, they will die and pay medical feeds when they rejoin
  • Kidnappers will receive a small bonus when kidnapped players die in their hideout after the time has expired

So when you want to kidnap a player, don't forget to fake your skill and drive fast to the hideout!

Tips to avoid kidnappers

  • They will beep their horn at you for a long time, which will give it away.
  • If they're on foot look for a spade (don't get confused)
  • Type /sts (id\name) if they're a driver it'll say Driver Pickups: 0


  • /kidnap or /kd (nick id) (amount) - kidnap a specific passenger.
  • /kidnapall or /kda (amount) - kidnap all passengers.
  • /release or /re (nick id) - release a specific victim.
  • /releaseall or /relall - release all victims
  • /fakeskill or /fskill - sets your fake skill to hide your true skill.
  • /ransom or /ran (nick/id) - pay kidnapped player ransom


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