All of the following are informational commands.

/animations, /anims, /animhelp

Displays a Menu List of all animation commands.

/calls, /calllist

Displays a list of all the people who recently called for items, medic, sex, or weapons

/challengerecords, /challengerec, /crecords, /crec, /chrecords, /chrec

Displays list of people who set a record on a challenge

/citystats, /cstats, /csts

You can use only on Saturdays. Displayed at 23:30 at the end of each week. Shows various activities everybody did as a whole

/commands, /cmds

Displays list of commands

/crimes, /crime

Will pull up a list of the 5 last crimes committed by a civilian/suspect

/dmrecords, /dmrec

List of the DM stadium records


Frequently Asked Questions for the newcomers

/getid, /id

Find an ID of a player

/help, /hlp

Gives you information

/hitinfo, /hi

Displays information about any hits placed on you or you place on someone.

/hitlist, /hits

Displays a list of people who have hits on them

/information, /info, /i

Displays general information (class, skill, level, location) for the specified player. Leave nick/id blank for your info.

/insuranceinfo, /ii

Displays information about your Life, Bank and Health Insurance coverage.

/inventory, /inv, /myinv

Displays information about the Items you are carrying.

/jailinfo, /ji, /jinfo

Displays the specified player's Jail information, including jail time and bail. Leave nick/id blank for your own jail information.

/jaillist, /jl, /jlist

Displays a list of the players that are currently in jail

/level, /lev, /rank, /lvl

Displays the specified player's Level / Rank information. Leave nick/id blank for your own Level / Rank information.

/locate, /location, /loc

Displays the specified player's location. Leave nick/id blank for your own location.

/markets, /market

The current market/interest rates.

/moneyinfo, /bankinfo, /$i

Displays all your money, tax and bank information.

/moneyrush, /mrush, /mr

Displays Money Rush (Lost Mafia Money) Information

/morestats, /msts

Displays more of the specified players current life (since respawn) stats. Leave nick/id blank for your stats

/myinfo, /minfo, /mi

Displays all information about your current life


Displays Friday Night Party information


Displays all your permits and allows you to cancel them

/records, /rec

Displays CnR Records for Fishing or Race Challenges

/rules, /rule

Displays list of general rules

/sellinfo, /vsellinfo, /carsellinfo, /vsi, /si

Displays your vehicle exportation information and bonus vehicle information

/stats, /sts

Displays the specified players current life (since respawn) stats. Leave nick/id blank for your stats

/std, /diseases, /stdinfo, /si

Displays information about your current diseases and std protection

/time, /day

Displays current game day and time. The game week starts on Sunday, 0:00 and ends on Saturday, 24:00

/total, /tot

Displays the specified players total stats. (Menu) Leave nick/id blank for your total stats

/vehhelp, /vhelp

Displays list of vehicle commands

/version, /ver

A textbox showing the current version that has been implemented

/wotd, /workers

Shows the workers who have done the most work and their amount, presented each game day at 23:30


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