This page details how to update the Community Messages feature.

What is CrazyBobs Wiki News?

CrazyBobs Wiki News, called Community Messages by default on many other Wikis, is an update-able info-panel feature that displays on the right pane of various wiki pages including the all important home page and the dedicated CrazyBobs Wiki News page, informing many users of recent updates and changes.

How to edit Community Messages

An example of the Community Messages News Feature

How to Edit CrazyBobs Wiki News

To update the CrazyBobs Wiki News, first navigate to the CrazyBobs Wiki News page and add detailed news updates under appropriate headings. Next, navigate to MediaWiki:Community-corner and update the information there also, adding a somewhat shortened version of the information added on the CrazyBobs Wiki News page.

Whenever CrazyBobs Wiki News has been updated, a notification popup will display in the bottom right hand corner of the wiki for all users. When clicked on, the popup will take Users to the CrazyBobs Wiki News page.

If the MediaWiki:Community-corner page is updated before the dedicated CrazyBobs Wiki News Page, Users will receive the popup notification, click on it, and be navigated to the CrazyBobs News Page which hasn't been updated yet. This is why the CrazyBobs Wiki News Page must always be updated first before MediaWiki:Commnity-corner.

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