CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers is a mix of roleplay and freeroam. The goal of the script is to be as life-like as possible.

The player icon colors are as follows:

Blue = Law Enforcement

Purple = Cop Requesting Backup

White = Innocent Civilian

Yellow = Suspect

Orange = Suspect, Warrant Issued

Green = Driver On Duty (Innocent)

Law Enforcement / Police Officers

Police must protect the city and it's innocent civilians from crime. Officers should patrol the city looking for Suspects. Suspects without a warrant should be issued a ticket, which they can pay to decrease their wanted level. Suspects with a warrant should be arrested. Police officers should never attack innocent civilians or other police officers, and should only shoot at suspects in self defense or to disable their vehicles during a chase. Red Checkpoints (watch your radar) will appear to indicate the direction to any police calls.

Police Officers can visit any of the two Donut Shops (in SF or LS) for a break. They can also refill their weapons at any Police Department by using the /refill command. Police Officers also receive a daily pay depending on their rank, and a "Cop Of The Day" bonus is awarded to the best cop each day.


Civilians can do what they want, but each skill has specific Skill Commands and duties / jobs. Red Checkpoints (watch your radar) will appear to indicate the direction to any calls for your services.

Aside from their skill specific commands, all civilians can do many other things, such as:

- Stealing money from people. All civilians can use the /rob command.

- Raping people and spreading diseases. All civilians can use the /rape command.

- Selling cars at the docks for money. Only certain cars can be sold, some are worth more than others. A message will tell you if you can sell your vehicle when you enter it.

- Truck deliveries. You can deliver goods to different locations for money in any truck.

- Fishing. Find a boat and try to beat the current fish records! You can eat your fish, slap people with them or sell them at any 24/7.

- Growing Drugs. You can buy seeds at any 24/7. After harvesting your drugs from you plants, you can consume them to refill your health or sell them at any drug refill point. Watch out for cops and other players finding your plants!

- Robbing Casinos (LV Only). Find the robbery checkpoint inside any of the 3 casinos to begin a robbery. More robbery locations for other cities coming soon!


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