House commands are a necessity if you intend on buying a house. They help you control who enters, who gets kicked out, everything from rent to storage.

/colist, /coownerlist, /cokeys, /cklist, /ckeylist, /ckeys

Manage your co-owner keys


Access the House Menu and House Information from inside a house

/houseanswer, /answer, /door

Answer a knock at your door and let the player enter your house

/housecoowner, /hco, /houseco, /coowner

Give a player the co-owner keys to your house. The player will become Co-Owner of your house and have full access

/houseinvite, /hinvite

Invite a player to your house. Invites last a limited amount of time

/housekeys, /hkeys

Give a player the keys to your house. The player will be able to enter your house until you change the locks

/housekick, /hkick

Kick a player from your house

/housefishstorage, /fishstorage, /fishstore, /fstorage, /fstore

Access the House Fish Storage inside the house

/houserob, /hsrob, /hrob

Attempt a House Robbery inside a house

/houses, /houselist, /hlist

List the houses you own

/housestorage, /storage, /store

Access the House Storage inside the house

/keys, /keylist, /klist

List the house keys you are holding

/rent, /rents, /rentlist, /rlist, /rentl

List and Cancel your rent contracts


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