A Hospital is a location in CrazyBobs.


Contracted STD's? Low health? A Hospital is the place to go! You can buy condoms, a chastity belt, an adrenaline pill, and much more to keep you alive. The hospital also offers Skin changes in case you'd get tired of your skin. You can only change your skin once a day.

You can travel to hospitals around CnR if you need to get healed, or to buy one of CnR's deadly diseases. Chasity belts, condoms, and adrenaline pills can be purchased here as well. Skin changes are available at all hospitals, 100k for civilians, 50k for law enforcement agents. See below for hospital locations around San Andreas.

Hospital Locations

Los Santos

Los Santos Hospital (Market)

Los Santos Hospital in Market
Online Map Location

Los Santos Hospital (Jefferson)

Los Santos Hospital in Jefferson
Online Map Location

San Fierro

San Fierro Hospital (Santa Flora)

San Fierro Hospital in Santa Flores
Online Map Location

Las Venturas

Las Venturas Hospital (Las Venturas Airport)

Las Venturas Hospital at Las Venturas Airport
Online Map Location

Red County

Crippen Memorial Hospital (Montgomery)

Crippen Memorial Hospital in Montgomery
Online Map Location


Angel Pine Medical Center (Angel Pine)

Angel Pine Medical Center in Angel Pine
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Bone County

Fort Carson Medical Center (Fort Carson)

Fort Carson Medical Center in Fort Carson
Online Map Location

Tierra Robada

El Quebrados Medical Center (El Quebrados)

El Quebrados Medical Center in El Quebrados
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