Holdup is a Mission Civilians can complete in CrazyBobs.


In a Holdup mission, players must rob 5 different stores and steal $10, 000 from each store. In addition tot he money stolen from the stores, players receive a bonus cash reward upon completing the mission. Plays must start the mission from a designated Holdup Mission Location. There is one in each city with Los Santos' being in Market, San Fierro in Chinatown and Las Venturas at Linden Side.


Mis robbery 1
This mission involves robbing a chain of stores, Bonnie and Clyde style. The mission is available in all three cities. You must go to five different locations and complete a successful holdup of each one. On top of the money you gain from the holdups, you also get a large bonus upon completing the mission. Be careful! Robbing so many shops will get you a high warrant and lots of attention, so avoid cops so you don't end up like me in the video!

Mis robbery 2
To start the mission head over to the Holdup mission checkpoint of the current city and type /mission to start.

Mis robbery 3
After you started the mission, you'll have to look for stores that you can rob, such at 24/7's, gas stations, food shops and so on. When you're inside one of these stores, type /holdup to start the robbery. You'll have to rob at least $10000 from each store for the mission to succeed.

Type /cancel at any time during a the mission to cancel it.

Holdup Mission - Video

CBCNR Video - Holdup Mission

CBCNR Video - Holdup Mission

Holdup Mission Locations

Holdup - Los Santos Market

Mis robbery ls

Online Map Location

Holdup - San Fierro Chinatown

Mis robbery sf

Online Map Location

Holdup - Las Venturas Freight Depot

Mis robbery lv

Online Map Location


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