If someone robs, attempts to kill, or otherwise offends you, you can place a hit contract on them. Hit contracts can be placed by typing /hit (player name or ID) [contract price]. A hitman can then kill the person (providing the same hitman didn't place the hit), and the money automatically transfers to them from you when the person dies.

Avoiding hit contracts

Reasons for hit contracts

  • Pissing people off. A simple way to not get people to hate you is to not do anything offensive towards them. "Offensive" actions include, but are not limited to: scamming (especially with fish), spamming, raping, robbing, fishslapping, repeated ramming and physically attacking.

Actions that hits can not be placed for

You can not place a hit contract for something that happened a long time ago or in a different city. If someone robs you on Monday in Las Venturas, you can not place a hit on them for it on Thursday in Los Santos.

Also, if a hitman goes after a person and gets killed while trying, the hitman can only go after the player again if the hit still exists.

Escaping hitmen

If you do have a hit contract placed on you, you will often need to escape hitmen that chase you. Some ways to do this include:

  • Get a fast car and outrun the hitman.
  • Escape in a cab/limo/air vehicle as a passenger (with a driver of course). Be warned, some of these drivers could be kidnappers!
  • Get in a helicopter, fly away and wait until it expires (beware of rustlers).

Random hits

A random hit contract is when someone places a hit contract on another player for no reason (or for a reason that does not qualify for a hit contract, such as the previously mentioned bribe refusal).

In response to a random hit, you can:

  • Place a bigger hit on the person (random hit placers are usually new players who don't have much money, so you easily be able to place a bigger contract on them than they can place on you.
  • Kill the person. Simple enough, hit contract is cancelled.
  • You can take pictures of the hit notice, and put them on the forums when the hit is canceled or completed. This is often hard to prove however, because you have no proof you did nothing to them.


Quitting to avoid death is a bannable offense, and not getting out of a car when it is on fire to avoid the hit from being completed is discouraged (and provokes hitmen to kill you again for free). Once a player is dead, it is considered a random hit to place a hit contract on him again because he died. Once they are dead, it's over, you are even.


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