Food Delivery is one of the Skills Civilians can choose from in CrazyBobs.


Food Delivery workers can sell a variety of different food and drinks to other players. They can also use Pizzaboys.

Food delivery people sell food/drinks to other players, they're the only skill that can drive Pizza Boy Scooters. As a food delivery person, you sell food/drinks to people with low health. The best place to get customers in San Fierro and Las Venturas is at the Police Department. In Los Santos it is Los Santos City Hall. To sell food/drinks, type /food, /drink (nick/id) or /sell (nick/id) near the person requesting food/drinks.

In addition, when you're driving a food delivery vehicle you can do food missions. Just type /mission and deliver food to different locations, when finished you get a money bonus and a score point.If you fall off the bike the delivery mission is FAILED, so drive carefully!

You can also use /sellprices to check and change the prices of your items and /sellmenu to see the stocks you are selling.


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