To be a successful fisher, it's important you have access to certain commands that help you in doing your job and going home with the biggest catch at the end of the day.


Discard your fish cooler. You will lose any fish that you cannot carry.

/fish, /fsh

Begins fishing while on a boat.

/fishbuy, /fbuy, /fb, /buyf, /buyfish

Buy a fish from another player.

/fisheat, /feat, /fe

Eat one of your fish to refill your health (Menu).

/fishgive, /fgive, /givefish, /givef, /gf

Give a fish to another player (Menu).

/fishhelp, /fhelp

Displays a list of fishing commands and their usage.

/fishinfo, /fishi, /finfo, /fi

Displays your Fishing information, including permit information, fish caught and record fish.

/fishinventory, /fishinv, /finventiry, /finv

Displays a list of the fish you are currently carrying.

/fishmsg, /fm

Sends a message to all other fishermen (you must be fishing on a boat).

/fishprices, /fp, /fishp, /fishprice, /fprice

To set your fish prices, once you have a fish sales permit.

/fishrecords, /fishrec, /frec, /frecords

Displays Fishing Records for the current city.

/fishrelease, /fishrel, /frelease, /frel

Throws one of the fish you are carrying away (Menu).

/fishrod, /rod, /pole

Takes out and puts away your Fishing Rod. Having your Fishing Rod out will reduce your fishing time and increase your chance of catching a fish.

/fishsell, /fsell, /sellfish, /sellf, /sf

To offer fish to another player, once you have a fish sales permit.

/fishsellall, /sellfishall, /sellallfish, /sellfall

To sell all your fish or a certain fish at a 24/7 or bait shop.

/fishslap, /fslap, /fs

Slaps another player with one of the fish you are carrying (randomly selected).

/fishthrow, /throwfish, /fthrow, /throwback, /tb

Throws the last fish you caught back into the water.


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