Fishing is one of the ways Civilians can make money in Crazybobs.


Fishing is one of the most lucrative ways players can earn money. It's a great way to socialize with other players and be lazy at the same time. Along with every other job, there are obstacles that will get in your way, so watch out for the dangerous creatures when you fish.

Just like the money rush and the bonus vehicle, there is also a bonus fish that you can catch. The Bonus fish is announced each game day at 5:00 am and the first one to catch it gets a large amount of cash.

Having a Fishing Rod clothing item equipped will reduce your fishing time and increase your chance of catching a fish.A fish cooler allows you to carry more fish but you will be taxed $9500 daily until you lose it. You can purchase Fishing Rods,fish coolers and fishing permits from any Bait Shop or street vendors throughout San Andreas..If you cannot afford to pay the daily fees for the fish cooler,you will lose it eventually.

Fishing Tournaments

Fishing Tournaments are fishing events that can randomly occur once every couple days, starting from 4:00 and ending on 20:00. The winner of the tournament gets a nice award - which is effected by the amount of participants. Prerequisites for joining is little to none, you just need to be fishing.

There are quite a few different types of tournaments, which can include catching the biggest fish, catching the most of a specific type, catching the most fish in general and so on.


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