Fireman Mission is a mission on CnR. Once in a while, a fire will break out somewhere in the active city. In the mission, you have to extinguish the fire in a firetruck. This mission is unique in many ways, as it cannot be started manually by player and only the fastest player to respond to a fire will get rewarded. Upon attempting to extinguish the fire, there is a small chance that you might die in the fire.



Starting The Mission.

You can start this mission by entering a fire truck, make sure that you're a law enforcement officer. Type /fire to star the mission, if is there no fire, sit in your truck and wait. When there's a new fire, you will get a message on your screen Fire! Type /fire to respond.


Responding to the mission.

You will get an information to the location, if you don't know well the locations, follow the GPS arrows.


extinguishing the fire

When you arrive to the location, find the fire and spray in to it. You have percent on your right side of your screen to see how many percents you've extinguished the fire. You have small chance to die by the fire, you can have a teammate to help you to extinguish the fire.


Finishing the mission.

If you're alone (100% of the fire), you will get $62,000. If you have a teammate, the bonus price will split, counts how many percent you've extinguished and your teammate.

Type /cancel at any time during a the mission to cancel it.


CBCNR Video - Fireman Mission

CBCNR Video - Fireman Mission


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