'Fire Drills' are the original brainchild of Fallon but have been adopted by all of the Admins, and designed to clear out 'riots' in the local city Police Department. If fighting/raping/etc. in the local PD becomes out of hand Woozie may appear inside the Police Department, declare a Fire Drill, and toss molotov cocktails around the building, turning the entire building into an inferno, and sometimes causing several deaths (and usually breaking up the fighting!). These Fire Drills were also brought to City Hall.

Note that death by fire is considered UNFAIR DEATH and you lose NOTHING - and thus complaining that the admins burned you to death is likely to be ignored.

Fire Drills can also happen in the City Bank, City Hall, or any place Admins feel it's necessary.

Beware the more violently lethal 'Grenade Drill', and 'Rocket Drill'.


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