Eating and drinking are a fun time waster on CnR. They make you no money, and can even kill you, but are a fun group activity. There are many places to eat and drink on CnR. You can eat anywhere with fish you have caught or bought, as well as food or beer purchased from a street vendor. You can eat in the default San Andreas fast food restaurants, such as Cluckin' Bell and Burger Shot. Finally, there are the bars, clubs and diners that have been scripted in CnR. Any type of food will replenish a certain amount of your health instantly. Drinks will heal you gradually, the speed depending on the percentage of alcohol.

Fast food

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There are many fast food restaurant in San Andreas. The three different types of fast food restaurants are Cluckin' Bell, Well Stacked Pizza, and Burger Shot.

Bars and clubs

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There are a lot of bars and clubs throughout San Andreas. Two of the main ones are Fallon's Dance Club in Los Santos and Jizzy's Pleasure Domes in San Fierro. Drinking should be done in moderation, as drinking too much can get you drunk, and eventually kill you.

Diners and others

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There are also a number of diners. The main one is ATeddyBear's diner in Tierra Robada.

Finally, There are three donut shops in CnR.


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