Drugs (also known as white powder or Viagra) can be used to heal the player over a period of time. The speed at which a player can regenerate health is dependent on the amount of drugs a player takes. The more drugs the player consumes, the faster that player will heal from drugs an the longer the drug buzz will last.

Drug Buzz/Amounts

There are four stages of drug consumption levels. Low, medium, high and very high. This can be seen in the bottom right of the screen when the player takes drugs. These levels are what effects the speed at which you heal from taking drugs.

A player can take up to 60 grams of drugs in at one time. Taking more than 60 grams worth of drugs at one time will cause you to overdose on drugs which will slowly kill the player. You can avoid death when overdosing on drugs by taking an adrenaline pill.

Taking drugs

There are two ways of taking drugs. One way is to simply type /td or /takedrugs followed by the amount of drugs you want to take. This will then take the amount of drugs you set and you can press F to cancel the animation.

Another way to take drugs is to type /td without any amount on the end. This will put your character into a drug taking mode where every click whilst in this mode will take 5 grams of drugs. To cancel this mode, you must press F on your keyboard.

Getting drugs

There are a variety of places to get drugs. The most effective way to get a large amount of drugs is to become a drug dealer and grow them with drug seeds. Other places to get drugs include:

  • Buying from Drug Refill Points which are marked with an R on the map.
  • Buying from players who have picked the Drug Dealer skill
  • Buying from bot Drug Dealers
  • Having sex with a prostitute
  • Buying from Street Vendors (Named as white powder)
  • Buying from 24/7's and bars.
  • Cooking drugs in a camper
  • Growing drugs
  • Stealing drug plants from people growing drugs
  • Receiving them from players using the /gd or /givedrugs commands.


Drugs are commonly used to survive the effects of STDs. STDs will drain your health over time and drugs can be used to counteract this. This is commonly used by rapists who wish to infect their victims with STD's but do not want to die just a few minutes after getting their STDs. A good rapist will keep well stocked with drugs as they are the most effective way to survive STDs.

Bad Drugs

Occasionally when taking drugs, you may take bad drugs which will force you into a falling animation and end your drug buzz. This means that your current drug buzz will reset to "none"  and you will need to re-take drugs to get the effects from the drugs again.

Occasionally, taking bad drugs can give you STDs too.


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