A Drug Dealer is one of the Skills Civilians can choose from in CrazyBobs.


Drug dealers can sell drugs to other civilians. Selling drugs is considered a crime and can cause your wanted level to increase if there is a cop nearby. Drug dealers also have the ability to grow drug plants faster than other skills.

This skill specializes on "Fancy White Powder", also know as the valuable drugs of CnR. Since these drugs restore health and allow you to survive even with diseases, Drug Dealers have little problem finding customers. Your mission is to plant and sell (or buy and resell) drugs for other players. Drug Dealers can set their prices with /prices for different quantities of drugs. This is useful for those dealers who like to reward good customers with a special price for buying a lot. A crucial place for Drug Dealers is the refill point ("R" in radar). There, you can buy manufactured drugs, planting supplies, and sell freshly grown drugs for a high price. Planting supplies can also be bought at any 24/7 or Drug Refill Point.

To sell drugs to another player, use /drugs (nick/id) or /sell (nick/id). Drug Solicitation and Drug Traffic is considered a crime in all of SA, so watch out. To take drugs (if you have any), use /td (amount). Taking too much can be fatal though. Drug Dealers start with 500 grams and their plants' growth is enhanced.Drug Dealers can carry up to 2500 grams of drugs rather than 500 grams (the other civilian skills maximum amount)


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