One of the fun jobs people say. In order to plant, there are many items and commands you need to know so your plants don't die and to make sure you maintain them well.

/bait, /fertilize, /fert

Makes drug plants grow quicker but attracts deer


Cook drugs (Lab Equipment is required)

/drugs, /drgs, /drg

Calls for drugs or offers if you are drug dealer

/drugsell, /selldrugs, /dsell, /ds

Sells your drugs at any Drug Refill Point for $x / Gram (Drug Refill Points Only, Non Law Enforcement)

/givedrugs, /gdrugs, /gd, /druggive, /dg

Give drugs to another player


Give fresh drugs to another player

/harvest, /harv

Harvests your drug plants

/hotbox, /hb, /hotb, /hbox

Consumes Drugs with other players in your vehicle (gives drugs to others)

/plant, /seed

Plants your seed at your location

/pgps, /pgps

Activates or deactivates your plant GPS to track the selected plant. Leave plant blank for a list of your growing plants. You must own a Plant GPS before using this command

/plantinfo, /pinfo, /planti, /pi

Shows information about your plants

/smoke, /smke, /smk

Use /td to do the smoke animation. Press the fire button to smoke 5 grams at a time. You can still use /td (qty) to smoke just once

/takedrugs, /td, /drugtake

Consumes drugs


Sets a trap to catch deer or hippies easily and less likely to get stolen by them. If you are standing in the checkpoint, it also picks it up


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