Driver Duty involves ferrying around other players where they want to go.


The driver vehicle upgrade that can make any vehicle a Driver vehicle.

To go on duty, you will need a driver-duty capable vehicle like the Maverick, Cabbie, Taxi, Limo (Stretch) or the Coach. See the image gallery below.

If you want to go on duty with a different vehicle you will need to visit a mechanic checkpoint (such as at a Xoomer gas station) where you can upgrade the vehicle to a driver duty capable one (see right). You can also buy an upgrade from any Mechanic.

Once you are inside, you need to type /driver [fare] to go on-duty. For example, /driver 5 will make you go on duty at a rate of $5 per 10 game minutes (10 real seconds). The minimum fare you can choose is $1 and the maximum is $1000. When you go on-duty, your nickname color will turn green so players can easily identify on-duty drivers. When a player calls for a driver, you will see a message on your screen highlighted in green that somebody called for a ride at a location. Once the customer enters your vehicle, you start receiving fare.

If the customer runs out of cash, he is ejected from the vehicle and won't be able to enter again, until he has available funds.

Driver-Duty Vehicles


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