There are many diseases in CnR. Some cause death almost immediately, while others take health away slowly over time. Others have strange effects, such as one that makes you fall to your death. Diseases can be purchased from private medics, hospitals, and sex shops


Hospitals: A cure can be purchased at any hospital.

Medic: As long as there is a medic online, he can cure any disease (if he makes it to the infected player in time). To call a medic, type /medic or /heal.

Adrenaline Pills: Completely heals and cures whoever uses it. They can be purchased at any hospital. To use an adrenaline pill, type /ad.

Preventing infection

Condoms: Protect people from getting infected with diseases. Purchased from medics, 24-7 shops, or hospitals. The max amount of condoms that can be held is ten. After you have had sex, been raped or pissed on, a condom is used up.

Chastity belt: Protect people from getting raped, pissed on, or flashed. They can break after a while though, so condoms should be bought as well if this does happen. Belts can be removed by typing /belt.


Drugs slowly regenerate health over time, which can cancel out the health loss effects of most diseases. Rapists need drugs if they wish to live long enough to spread all their diseases. Other civilian skills should purchase drugs to help them survive long enough so they can find a cure.


History: One of the first three diseases.

Symptoms: Decreases health very slowly over time.

The weakest disease, doesn't cause much of an inconvenience for the players infected with this disease.


History: One of the first three diseases.

Symptoms: Decreases health slowly over time.

Decreases health a bit faster than Chlamydia.


History: One of the first three diseases. Drugs didn't stop the disease from decreasing health in the earlier script versions.

Symptoms: Decreases health quickly over time.

A deadly disease if the infected player doesn't have any drugs.

Mad Cow Disease

Symptoms: Causes the infected player to jump every few seconds, health is decreased after every jump.

Quite an inconvenience for the infected player. Makes it difficult for them to enter vehicles, or travel anywhere on foot.

Crazy Chicken Flu

Symptoms: The symptoms of this disease are high elevation above the floor with a high speed fall to death.

The disease won't kill the infected player if they're in an interior or vehicle. A lot of people forget they are infected with this disease, which results in their death.

Mary Lou Disease

History: This disease was named after the admin, Inf, who was known in the older server as Lou and Mary_Lou, but switched completely to Mary_Lou in the newer updates. Symptoms: Rapid health loss, causes the infected player to jump every second.

The most lethal disease in CnR, but also is the least common.


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