Death is a part of CnR, quite a major part. Looking at the death list on the middle-right of the screen, there is usually atleast one person dying a minute. There is also a command in the settings list (/settings) to show deaths in the chat.

Problems with death

Since the Beta 14 release, you can't be "zeroed" anymore. This means, if you happen to die, your medical fees (which corresponds to the old "life insurance" system) will be automatically paid from your bank account. Life insurances are however still available at the city hall and will allow you to keep your weapons after you've died and respawned. If you die without having previously bought a life insurance, you'll lose your weapons and money (depends on your wealth).

Medical fees are based on the CnR Prime rate, and decrease every day you stay alive between deaths.

Abuse of death

Dying is abusable. Dying in ways such as driving your car into water and drowning in order to evade arrest is against rules, and an admin is perfectly allowed to teleport you from your vehicle to right next to a police officer.

Players in jail will often trick any police officers near their cells into killing them - this not only releases the player from jail, but it also means that the police officer will lose his rank and will have their money reset to $8000.

Dying in your car to avoid being directly killed by hitman is discouraged, and hitmen will often do a free kill because they didn't get payed.

How to die

Main article: How to die

There are many ways to die in CnR. There are the normal GTA SA ways, such as being shot or falling to death, there are the "normal" CnR deaths, such as drug overdose or being raped to death, and the "special" Cnr deaths.

Dying to Switch Classes

Switching classes require $100k ($50k if you currently have a cop skin). You just need to go to any Hospital checkpoint and select Skin Change. You will "die" (but not lose life insurance) and go to the skin selection screen, and once you pick your skin, you will spawn with your newly selected skin. The good thing about this is that your current life stats will be saved.

How to prevent death

There are many ways to prevent dying or being killed. The easiest way is to stay in a vehicle, which will protect you from nearly all of the command deaths and "special" CnR deaths. You can buy condoms to stop getting diseases when raped, and obviously a parachute stops death by falling. Police officers can also arrest criminals who are attacking them or other people.


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