"DMH is like a sponge, you get in but you don't get out".

DMH leader

"If they /q we kill them for free!".

DMH Slogan

DMH, or DM Hitmen, is a criminal group on CnR first created in 2007 by Rza_Razor[Wu], with TheCripple and MetalFace serving as co-leaders.


Though some people, judging from its name, think that DMH is a group exclusively for Hitmen, many members prefer to be a Hitman, but can choose any Skill they please. As a Hitman, some of DMH's members work together to complete Hits, while other members prefer to choose Medic (DMH's second main Skill, after to Hitman), so they can Cure any Rapists spreading Diseases to prevent an epidemic. When DMH members play as Law Enforcement Agents, they'll often protect The Bank That Shouldn't Be from robbers, while others choose to camp at the Crane to issue Tickets to anyone selling their vehicles.


DMH's voice communication takes place over a Mumble server, which guests are free to join and participate in.

Rivals and Alliances

DM Hitmen is rivaled against SAM, having also made alliances with other groups, such as as GaZa and Mafia Latina.


DMH is now a leading global enterprise that is "effectively developing unique and ergonomical strategies for proper leverage since 2006." [citation needed], as it has branched out to many business aspects not exclusive to the CnR community and gaming environment, but into a global market as well. [citation needed] DMH's subsidiaries include 'DMH Financial, Inc.' and 'DMH Legal, L.L.P'. The two subsidiaries specialize in the accounting of owned assets and properties, and protect its clients in personal injury lawsuits, respecively.


  • That One Guy Who Founded It
  • Rza_Razor[Wu]
  • Leaders
  • MetalFace (The important one)
  • TheCripple (The reasonable one)
  • xenex (The Food Tester)
  • Uche (African)
  • Co-Leaders
  • Asian_Gangsta (Asian)
  • Brodie (White Guy)
  • Tatersalad (Asian)
  • Matt888 (Korean)
  • TheKillaer (Stoner)
  • Gumile (Mexican)
  • Daeman (He Ripped Now)
  • Shep (Command shepard)
  • Honor Roll
  • [gun]Arsenal (Valedictorian)
  • backfire911 (Salutatorian)
  • Sp[3]cial (Dean of Borat Anger Studies)
  • beatstar (Dean of Students)


  • Dimits (Leader)
  • bulftrik
  • Saunatonttu (Khajiit)
  • Cashe
  • Jougi
  • Kala (Fish)
  • JackoTheWacko
  • Finlander
  • redxx

Female Division

  • 84forlife
  • Meu (Best cat blog EU)
  • Scully
  • rakart
  • Suzy_Splintercunt
  • Miss
  • Ms.Damn
  • Samantha
  • Mirk4
  • Members
  • Charles Woodson (A.K.A. C Dubb)
  • Demolisher
  • Dr_VistA
  • Dunkno
  • Euphoria
  • Everything. (Now all we need is Nothing and my life is complete)
  • FantasticoNemo
  • Fern44
  • Ghosthunter
  • K0ed
  • Kadsswallop
  • Kote
  • LibertyMafia
  • Lumpy
  • Martin
  • Myth
  • Orca
  • Peacefighter
  • PromisingPope (Hippie)
  • Rashon
  • RollingPapers
  • SanderZ
  • SKYLiNe
  • Spartan (Some boring white guy)
  • Staps
  • Tablespoon
  • TheKing1220 (MetalFace's cousin)
  • Vanquisher
  • Zolo

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