A Crowbar is a Clothing item that will reduce the amount of time needed to successfully crack the safe whilst within the red checkpoint for any Casino or Bank Robbery.

Obtaining A Crowbar

Crowbars can be bought from street vendors, mechanics and players selling them as clothing items in their clothing inventory from mechanics and street vendors or up to 5M for players selling it as a clothing item from their Inventory. Crowbars can also be Shoplifted from any Xoomer gas station Checkpoint.

Activating the effect

The effect of the crowbar is only actioned when worn as a clothing item in the right hand slot and can easily be attached/detached by typing the /crowbar command. Alternatively, a player can navigate the Clothing Menu to manually equip the crowbar.

Losing the Crowbar

If a player is arrested whilst they have a crowbar, the crowbar will be forcefully removed from the game entirely.


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