CrazyBob's Place is a Location in Los Santos.


CrazyBob's Place is a mansion located in Mulholland, Los Santos, which belongs to CrazyBob. Players can rob the house by using the robbery command in the red checkpoint next to the safe in CrazyBobs study.

The property is a large two-story mansion with a terraced design, featuring wide spaces, a large number of rooms, lavish decors, and multiple facilities.

It's the same building as Madd Dogg's Crib in the singleplayer version of GTA San Andreas, located in the hills of Mulholland close to the Vinewood Sign. There's two ways to enter the house; through a front entrance or a back entrance. There's also a helicopter landing pad on the roof of the building. Just as San Fierro Federal Mint, CrazyBob's House is the only place in the city to rob more money than in holding up a store except from banks. Only in Las Venturas there's more places than one as there is three Casinos there.

Some of its features include:

  • Five bedrooms
  • An indoor swimming pool and a private gym
  • A helipad and a triple garage.
  • A large bar
  • A CJD 500 Video Game System
  • A private music studio and records room
  • A private office/study room
  • A main hall with two arcade machines

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